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PGDM and Executive FPM Programmes

We worked with Director of ISB - A reputed Business School in Hyderabad on Graduate and Post Graduate programme. ISB has come up with a new course called EFPM. The Executive Fellow Programme In Management or EFPM is the new base of education that offers a doctoral level of education facilitated in an executive format. This course can provide a portfolio of skills for professionals and faculty without a doctoral degree. This course is for those who are literally into business strategies and prefers to have innovative business skills through multiple business theory and practice. The motto of launching this course is to make the learners solve complicated business tricks by applying numerous research methodology.


Establishing new standards


Our client ISB is a world-class business school that starts various courses of management. So their main intention is to draw the attention of a proper audience. According to their demand, the priority list we made to increase the engagement of the proper audience. Bring admissions from online marketing and website click.
Increase social engagement. Generate a proper social media campaign that can increase the brand value that can create the number of a more responsive audience.


ISB was well known for its courses and successful career opportunities which it offers to its students. Our foremost target was to maintain and enrich the reputation of ISB through social media campaigns and along with that the promotion of the course would have been introduced and spread it to the target audience.

We started with the social media campaign for ISB and EFPM first.
The special page for the EFPM course was made and the link of that particular page was specifically promoted in social media.
The promotion was for the specific target audience and a particular demographic area was chosen for promoting the course. For doing it, a great amount of market research was done.
The onboarded merchants were trained by us on various aspects of managing their accounts on the online platform – right from account setup to tracking of payments.
Every account was kept properly and weekly KPI reviews were conducted to keep a close tab on performance.


As we were having the MoM updates, we saw the various changes in the number of website visits, admission, and registrations.
Major clients and applicants (52%) come from the specific demographic area where the promotions had been done.
It increased the direct applications from the website  75% 
Not only the particular course, but the entire website also got 41% extra reach in three months and overall got proper social promotions.