How often do you check your emails in a day? Most of us check their email regularly. We open few emails, we delete few without even opening them, we mark few as spam and we unsubscribe few.

Email is an excellent way to reach your audience, to have touch with customers, offer them special deals, and update them about your new products or services.

Let’s have a look at the most important and useful email marketing tips.

Personalized Emails.

Emails are the most effective medium to send a personalized message to the target audience. People usually respond to emails that address them personally.
Personalization helps in establishing and maintaining a greater relationship with the customers.
People like brands that make them feel important and recognized.

Make sure you include a personalized email strategy in your campaign and explain why they are receiving your emails.

No Selling

Never use “Buy now! in your email messages. This is regarded as spam. This spammy-sounding may cost you customers. Start with having a good relationship with your customers. Don’t try to sell your products or services at the beginning of your email campaigns. Give them the content they want, what they need.


Designing an email impacts the response of the customers. Too bright or bland colours in the email may not create interest in reading for the customer. Don’t add too much text or huge images, which will create confusion in the user.

Write like you talk

Writing for the web is essentially different from writing in school or college. The same struggle carries over to email. The more you practice, the better your style of writing gets. Writing should be more into speaking in first person. Starting sentences with the words or, and, or but —these make you look human.

Make Email subject lines catchy, clear, and actionable

Subject lines vary from generating curiosity, extending special offers/ coupons/ discounts to giving information like FAQs, howtos, brand stories, and actual selling of products. It would be best to experiment with different subject lines and do A/B testing to check which subject lines attract your customers. Subject lines that make people open the mail interact with the action items in the mail.
A simple call-to-action like a button or a link. unless it’s a curated newsletter where you can have links for each article, you have to confine your mail to just one or two calls-to-action.

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