Social is a mass word-of-mouth

Social is the power of a network, as people trust other people

And trust even more in the case of family and friends. The goals of branding in social media should integrate the voice of your target with your overall branding strategy.


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About Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media is defined as any website or application that enables users to create and share content, or to participate in social networking. When people think of social media, however, they often think simply of the well-known social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) – these are just a small part of a much larger channel.

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Social Strategy

Before setting up your Social Media

Identify which social networks work best for you

Firstly, identify the social networks your target audience hang out. Get a complete buyer/customer persona with our buyer persona tool and identify the social presence and behavior of your audience.   Focus on one or two core social networks ( unless you are a big company with resources) to reach your target. Depending on the business, not every social media network suits your audience and your marketing goals.

Set Goals

Define your marketing strategy goals before you start posting content to social media. As the strategy will help you shape the way you approach your audience. Goals can be defined as SMART – 

Specific – Clear, manageable goals

Measurable – trackable, what metrics to be used for every goal 

Achievable – aim not very high, should be reachable within the available resources.

Relevant – Should be aligned with your comprehensive business objectives

and Time-bound – Goal should have a definite completion time

Content strategy

Every business that wants to go social should have a social media content strategy called social strategy. Social media is a two-way communication method, which enables your audience to observe you and directly interact with you. You are under a spotlight 24×7. A careful clear choice of the brand voice, be it a fun or serious tone or balanced tone between the two must be done. A creative and engaging social content, the brand response will increase brand loyalty among your target. 

Humanize your brand

Be transparent, open, and authentic in all of your communication – authenticity means being a little bit more open about what your business might traditionally share with your customers. Establish your unique voice, show a sense of humor, use everyday language.

Build relationships 

Provide value through social networks. Change your mindset from what can I sell to you to how do we help you. Post engaging or emotional content and connect with your audience. 

High-quality content

Post consistently quality content that your audience expects from you, might engage with you, and share with their family and friends. Post updates to be live in the news feed. 

Make employees your brand ambassadors

Define social media policy for your business and make every employee share and engage with the content posted by your brand. Encourage the use of social channels, leverage social media content during training in your company. Devise customer experience programs.

Lastly but most importantly Social media marketing isn’t free; experiment with paid ads.